Family Estrangement: Advice and Information for Estranged Parents

Family rifts often leave family members without the skills or inclination to communicate. This guide will help you to understand your situation and feelings towards your adult children, and give you information and advice about the options available for you.

Family Estrangement: Advice and Information for Adult Children

It can be painful to find yourself in the position where a relationship with close family members is untenable. The information in this guide will help you to think about the outcomes that you want for yourself in relation to your current family situation, or life without a family network.

Checklist for sending evidence to Student Finance

Student Finance England and Wales require supporting statements from trusted independent parties as evidence to confirm your family estrangement. They ask for independent verification of your position to prevent students who do have a supportive family from fraudulently claiming more money than they are entitled. The check list below will help you to avoid common mistakes when submitting supporting statements...

Student Finance Guide

Going to university as an independent student can be an intimidating process if you are estranged from your parents. The following guide will give you information about how your Student Finance application is assessed as an estranged student. It will tell you about the supporting documents that you will need to send to Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance England, Wales and Northern Ireland to confirm your irreconcilable estrangement from your family. This guide has been put together in collaboration and consultation with Student Loans Company Ltd and Student Awards Agency Scotland.

Festive Guide

The Christmas period can be challenging for people who have become estranged from their family or children. This guide is intended to help you with some of the most common festive frustrations and give you an idea of how others in our community cope with the season...