Meeting People

Please see below for our latest CPD training, support groups and workshops:

Support Groups

Our support groups give you the chance to meet people in your locality and talk broadly about family estrangement, its impact and any struggles you might be having.

It can be helpful to meet others in the same position, and we give out questions to break the ice and find shared experiences. These are talking groups and are run by a facilitator, who can keep the space fair and safe. We run the programme over over six sessions, which take place fortnightly at the weekend.

We are running funded support groups in Bristol and Manchester and Brighton.

Registration is open for support groups in these areas now.

Therapeutic Workshops

Our therapeutic workshops explore the feelings associated with family estrangement, as well as giving you the practical tools to help you to adjust to your situation.

-Adjusting to your estrangement

-The impact on identity

-Managing worry and rumination


-Understanding shame

Registration is now open for workshops in Edinburgh and London in September 2019.

Professional Development Training

Do you work in the caring professions? Or are you a social worker, counsellor or psychotherapist?

Stand Alone is the only expert organisation in the field of family estrangement. Our research shows that many of our beneficiaries report poor interactions with caring professionals, who don’t fully understand family estrangement and its impact.

Join expert researcher Dr Lucy Blake and our clinical lead Helen Gilbert MSc for two days of CPD training in working with people who are experiencing family estrangement

This training will provide more insight into the issues, research and theories that underpin working with family estrangement, explored in an open and unbiased environment.

The training encompasses experiential and theoretical aspects including self-reflective group work and case discussion as well as presentations.

Our next CPD training event is in Sheffield, later in 2019. Sign up is now open below.